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    HI! - I am back with an unexpected update
    Due to the recent growth of the server, I have decided to open up a secondary Survival Server. I was not expecting to need to do this, however 1.14 cannot support our current growth!

    The 1.14 Survival Server in Season 4, will stay! Don't worry its not going anywhere. It has been renamed to SurvivalOG Season 4. The new server of course is called Survival Oasis, and is in its first season, and running 1.13.2! These are totally separate servers, they may look alike, but they are not to be treated as the same. Ranks will NOT sync from SurvivalOG.


    Survival Oasis has already released! you can join it now from hub or through /server survivaloasis



    Due to 1.14 lag we all know and love, I have now capped the player count at 40. There now should be a decreased lag due to the player cap, it can handle around 30-40 players with minimal lag. Premium ranked players can still bypass this cap and login even if it is full. I will continue to do daily updates and try to optimize it as much as I can, however currently, there is nothing else I can change to help it more. Note, if you use /server, you must enter through /server survivalOg now.


    Again, Oasis is running in 1.13.2! There is absolutely no lag on this server! It can maintain 100+ players online, perfect for the growth space we need. Once again, your ranks will not sync from the 1.14 survival server, this is a totally different server. Currently, it may look very similar to SurvivalOG and Season 3, that will quickly change as I receive updates that are planned. Backwards compatibility to our main plugins are coming early this week, and they will add many new features.

    I built up off of Season 3 when making this server, I had an extremely short deadline to get this live. There may be a few mistakes here and there, so please report them to staff! I have updated every single plugin, and made as many changes that I could find and complete.
    Here ( is the new store link for SurvivalOASIS! Check out the available packages and treat yourself to a rank! :p


    Final Notes

    I know this was very unexpected to everyone, but I know you will be able to have fun, on either Survival Server that you choose to continue to play. It may not look like it, but a lot of work goes in to every single change that is made, I'm very sleep deprived and am now gonna take a little break lol!

    Enjoy the no lag survival lmao,
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