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Thank you for all the support through voting!
Here is the voting news for November 2019.



Thank you to our entire staff team and the endless efforts you put in to help make the server a better place! I cannot thank you enough for everything you all do. We would like to recognize these two staff this month!

Most Playtime Award:

Most Active on Discord Award:

HELLOO - I'm back.

Before I begin, our Black Friday Sales have just gone live!
Check out the exclusive Black Friday Packages & the
well renown Pitch Black Kit has returned too!
Black Friday Bundles HERE! (


Anywhoo! Here we are, it is time for Skyblock to shine!

We will have a Skyblock Island Top Competition upon the reset, with store credit rewards to the TOP Islands!
Keep in mind if you cheat or abuse anything in any way, you will be disqualified and punished.

December 1st AND December 8th AND December 15th ISLAND TOP at 4:00pm EST Rewards:
1st: $100
2nd: $60
3rd: $35
4th: $20
5th: $10
6th-10th: $5

Season 3 Wrap-up
Skyblock Season 3 had a great start, we changed everything from scratch, similar to what we did with prison going into season 3! It is time to begin fresh again. We have worked out many bugs and are prepared to start anew!

Skyblock Inferno and Skyblock Arctic will merge back together! This will make it much easier for me behind the scenes to do updates (it is extremely time consuming doing everything twice, and I want to provide quicker updates then we have now!) There are also some enormous issues with the current skyblock plugin we use, so we are transferring to a new one that is lightyears better! It has so many more options for players and is much easier to...
Why hello there, you weren't expecting this were you?

You've already read the title, so you know what's coming.
Over the past few months I've taken into consideration all the feedback everyone in the community has given us, and I have tried to incorporate as much of this as possible in this upcoming season.

Prison is starting anew, and is better than ever before.
You will still see our familiar spawn, it has been spiced up a little! The current spawn is such a perfect layout and works so perfectly with all of our features I wanted to keep it around a little bit while longer!
Anyways, back to the good stuff


Prison Season 4 (Minecraft 1.13.2) will release on Saturday November 23rd at 2:00pm EST! Remember, all premium ranks will be returned to you upon joining back in! If you have purchased any one-off packages such as crate keys since November 1st 2019, they will also be returned to you as you did not have enough time to use the items from those packages!

Reset Bundle/Sale?

Yes! The bundle is available now for purchase and you will receive it upon logging in! CLICK HERE to view the bundle! ( You can only purchase it once!
There is also a
25% Sale off ALL prison store items and ranks! Both this sale and the reset bundle end Saturday night at 11:55pm EST, so grab your packages quick ;)!

The End of Season...