Official Server RulesAll Staff Punishments are final unless innocent, DO NOT argue with any of the decisions.Global:

  1. No Scamming

  2. No Advertising in any form- This includes server IPs, and server names in the public chat, private messages, and signs.

  3. Do not use Mods or Hacked Clients (Optifine & Minimaps & blueprint are allowed)

  4. Do not discuss hacks, mods, or threats of any kind

  5. No Spamming (Repeating messages / chat / commands multiple times or repeated a letter)

  6. Keep chat inclusive; controversial topics, racial slurs and excessively profane language will be punished.

  7. No Obsessive Profane Language-Swearing is allowed as long as its not excessive or directed towards anyone (C Word or any racist terms are not allowed)

  8. No Impersonation

  9. No Inappropriate Builds

  10. No disrespect or harassment towards other players or staff.

  11. Do not exploit bugs or glitches (Report them on forums or to staff)

  12. No unfair PVP advantage, including using disguises in PVP and PVP logging, and flight, which are disabled in PvP

  13. No Racism in any form

  14. No bypassing AFK restrictions - There is a 4 hour AFK limit

  15. Excessive AFKing may result in punishment - alts are not to be used for afk purposes

  16. No Auto-Mining of any form (includes weights)

  17. No alternative account abuse, such as transferring items / money between main account and alt account. Alt accounts should not be associated with your main account.

  18. Do not discuss politics, religions, or any sensitive topics

  19. No pvp logging

  20. No Inappropriate Skins

  21. No pushing people into PvP to kill them

  22. X-Ray is NOT allowed

  23. Extravagant redstone machines cannot create any lag & must be under 20x20

  24. IRL deals trading in game items for anything outside of Royal Legacy is completely prohibited, no this does not include buying things for other players on the store for in game items

  25. No Raiding/Griefing


  1. No claiming over / directly beside claimed land [needs to be 100 blocks or more away unless approved by land owner]


  1. You cannot save over 300% of rank up price in your balance.

  2. No camping in mines-Staying in 1 mine for 5+ days avoiding a rank up by buying tokens or mining multipliers

  3. No Boosting-Giving other players money or blocks to rank up.

  4. Pertaining to Players That Have Prestiged: You may not mine blocks before prestige and store them at your plot/EC/PV only to sell them after prestiging to rank up faster

  5. Do not mine in previous mines for any other reason than gathering materials if needed for building.

  6. No selling profit ores on /ah, nor at plots

  7. No Grief/Raiding

-Staff Cannot Replace Lost Items--If someone has a claim/plot and has not been online for 21+ days, contact a staff member for more info on removing the claim/plot if it is in the way of anything-

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