NEWS Survival 4 Date and New Hub!

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    Hello! We back with some exciting news!
    Many players, and especially staff have helped with our new Hub. Thank you so much to everyone who helped! It wouldn't be like it now is without your help.

    Before I continue with the News about the New Hub, I would like to continue about Survival Season 4 first.

    Survival Season 4 will release Friday June 28th at 4:00pm EST! Be there or be square. Any purchases made between the initial release, and now, will be given to you again! I highly recommend using 1.14.2 on Survival Season 4, as of course, we are running on version 1.14.2.

    The new Hub has already been released! You will see it on login!. With this, comes many changes, alongside of the Hub running in 1.14.2! Of course we are still supporting 1.8,1.9,1.10,1.11,1.12, and 1.13 also, I recommend switching to 1.13.2 or 1.14.2+ now though.


    More Season 4 Changes
    - Titles have been finalized and balanced!
    - Titles are now available for purchase once again (06/28, previous purchased points will be rolled out over the end of June)! (Available here: )
    - Lifeguard title has been changed to be more appealing
    - Tons of general bug fixes
    - 1.8-1.14.2 Support (Again, I highly recommend using 1.14.2)
    - Performance Fixes

    Hub Changes
    Titles are now available on the Hub! (They are global aren't they... :D )
    Huge performance upgrade

    Discord syncing your hub ranks (Available the end of June)
    Marriage is now available on the Hub /marry help
    Music is now available /music
    There is a great new help menu on the hub for access to all the Hub features and quick VIP command access!
    There is a new Leaderboards hall behind
    the spawn point! Here you can view all the past Seasons top players! We are currently going into the 4th Season of Survival, we are in the 3rd Season of prison, and the 2nd Season of Skyblock.

    There is tons of room to explore the new hub! A mountain range, multiple buildings, challenging Parkour, and much more!
    We had to switch away from the old /vip cosmetics menu, it is no longer being updated. I have replaced it with 40+ disguises (/d), 100+ trail combinations (/trails), 21 Emotes (/emotes), you still keep fly of course.

    Discord Rank Syncing is now available on the Hub! Just type /discord in game and follow the directions. If you have VIP, it will automatically sync for you on to your Discord account!
    I hope you love the new hub! I sure do, its spectacular.
    Heres a bunch of photos of it:


    Season 4 Reset Bundle

    There is also an exclusive Reset Bundle available HERE in celebration of Season 4 for Survival - Here are the contents, marked down from $236 to $82!


    70% Off Summer Sale & Exclusive Bundles Continues
    Before I end, I would like to remind you of our Exclusive Summer Packages! There are four that will be available, along side of a 70% Sale! These are continuing throughout the summer, so make sure to check them out!
    An Exclusive Summer Titles Package, including 4 Titles: LifeGuard, SonOfABeach, ♨ HOT ♨, and ☀☀☀!
    An Exclusive Summer Crate Key Package, 3 Summer Keys to get some of the strongest items ever released!
    The Popular Sharing is Caring Bundle has returned, Keys for everyone!
    Endless Key Bundle contains so many keys you
    will never run out of resources!


    Final Notes
    I Hopefully everyone Is still as excited and hyped for Survival Season 4 and the brand new Hub as we are! We have many more updates planned, coming out very soon. Keep your eye out on Discord and Forums to be the first to find out!

    See you in game,
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