NEWS Skyblock Season 4 & Black Friday 2019

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    HELLOO - I'm back.

    Before I begin, our Black Friday Sales have just gone live!
    Check out the exclusive Black Friday Packages & the
    well renown Pitch Black Kit has returned too!
    Black Friday Bundles HERE! (


    Anywhoo! Here we are, it is time for Skyblock to shine!

    We will have a Skyblock Island Top Competition upon the reset, with store credit rewards to the TOP Islands!
    Keep in mind if you cheat or abuse anything in any way, you will be disqualified and punished.

    December 1st AND December 8th AND December 15th ISLAND TOP at 4:00pm EST Rewards:
    1st: $100
    2nd: $60
    3rd: $35
    4th: $20
    5th: $10
    6th-10th: $5

    Season 3 Wrap-up
    Skyblock Season 3 had a great start, we changed everything from scratch, similar to what we did with prison going into season 3! It is time to begin fresh again. We have worked out many bugs and are prepared to start anew!

    Skyblock Inferno and Skyblock Arctic will merge back together! This will make it much easier for me behind the scenes to do updates (it is extremely time consuming doing everything twice, and I want to provide quicker updates then we have now!) There are also some enormous issues with the current skyblock plugin we use, so we are transferring to a new one that is lightyears better! It has so many more options for players and is much easier to use.
    Since Inferno is the "Original" Skyblock server and Arctic is a branch off of it, Ranks from inferno will be changed back to rank titles from Season 2! It was a long requested change that many of you wanted so I have decided to bring those rank names back.
    If you have a rank on Arctic, they will be transferred to inferno upon request in the discord server transfer channel. If you have a rank on both, you will receive store credit to buy whatever you desire!

    Lets get back to the good stuff.

    Skyblock Season 4 will reset on Friday November 29th at 4:00pm EST! (Version 1.13.2)

    Reset Bundle?
    Yes, and it is better then ever before! It is available HERE (


    ♛ The End of Season 3
    Thanks for such a great season for Skyblock! It has been a little rough the past few months but we are greatly able to improve the server with merging the servers back together and making further improvements, listed below! Here are the Season's Statistics and top players accumulated between Inferno & Arctic
    Total Balance: $3,897,681,096 & $512,283,896
    Total Unique Players: 28,006 & 41,996
    Record Concurrent Count: 171 & 114
    Buy Shop Transactions: 64,758 & 62,171
    Sell Shop Transactions: 1,722,781 & 859,817
    Magic Dust Drops: 393,670 & 122,834
    Marriage: 365 & 568

    Island TOP Leaderboard:
    1. AncientDarkness - 1234567
    2. OsamaBinLagn - 1202612
    3. CpzMatiBoy - 656728
    4. MinYoondini - 651700
    5. Averoin - 554890
    6. CammyyPlayz - 495016
    7. Neopolitan183 - 293724
    8. Tukeee - 272789
    9. Tigerwolf - 264056
    10. SilentLikeAnAnt - 221406

    mcMMO Leaderboards:
    1. Renefyra - 5,761
    2. ScottSkins - 4162
    3. Leaft_Alone - 4138
    4. CammyyPlayz - 3666
    5. JokerJJE - 3561
    6. CpzMatiBoy - 3377
    7. Surestrike - 3271
    8. Ameliafr - 3070
    9. AncientDarkness - 2960
    10. epic_hollamby_ - 2958

    Richest Players:
    1. Sara_Faith - $794,151,120
    2. Sennis - $583,711,200.37
    3. JokerJJE - $187,114,829
    4. Leaft_Alone - $182,668,327
    5. MyNamesBrian - $122,111,402
    6. ArchAngel1223 - $118,489,816
    7. Neopolitan183 - $101,199,094
    8. CpzMatiBoy - $79,201,698
    9. xX13ENXx - $71,245,811
    10. xCUTLASSx - $60,961,754


    ♛ Season 4 Changes
    The biggest changes for Skyblock Season 4 will be us switching to a new Skyblock plugin. I was not very happy with the previous plugin we used. This plugin is much easier for players to use, and is much less buggy!
    - 1 Server - Merger back
    - Refreshed Spawn
    - Minions (Actually ready this time :p)
    - New valuable Block Stacking so you can now just focus on making your island pretty :)
    - New Island Voting - Vote for the top islands to be displayed on a leaderboard in spawn
    - New Top Island spawn leaderboard
    - Access to many more settings over your island
    - Updated Custom Enchantments
    - Crates rebalanced
    - Kits redone from scratch
    - New system that fixed island border
    - New system that fixed island block limit for hoppers/spawners
    - Buy & Sell Shop content overhaul and price updates
    - Tons of bug fixes


    *Returning Store Purchases
    I briefly covered this above, but here's some more details:
    Skyblock Arctic is merging back into Inferno.
    Anything one-time purchases on either server since November 1 for Skyblock, will be applied back to your account!
    Any ranks purchased on Arctic will be applied back to your account upon request in the discord server transfer channel. All Inferno ranks have already transferred over. If you had a rank on both servers, then you will receive store credit! You will only have a limited time to do this, and then they will no longer be able to be transferred (Requests will end December 15th).

    Final Notes
    I know this is somewhat sudden to some of you, however I believe this will greatly improve the server. This reset is purely for the good of the server, and will certainly help bring the community together better, alongside of some great new content changes!

    See you for the Release Soon!
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