NEWS Prison Season 4 - The Revival

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    Why hello there, you weren't expecting this were you?

    You've already read the title, so you know what's coming.
    Over the past few months I've taken into consideration all the feedback everyone in the community has given us, and I have tried to incorporate as much of this as possible in this upcoming season.

    Prison is starting anew, and is better than ever before.
    You will still see our familiar spawn, it has been spiced up a little! The current spawn is such a perfect layout and works so perfectly with all of our features I wanted to keep it around a little bit while longer!
    Anyways, back to the good stuff


    Prison Season 4 (Minecraft 1.13.2) will release on Saturday November 23rd at 2:00pm EST! Remember, all premium ranks will be returned to you upon joining back in! If you have purchased any one-off packages such as crate keys since November 1st 2019, they will also be returned to you as you did not have enough time to use the items from those packages!

    Reset Bundle/Sale?

    Yes! The bundle is available now for purchase and you will receive it upon logging in! CLICK HERE to view the bundle! ( You can only purchase it once!
    There is also a
    25% Sale off ALL prison store items and ranks! Both this sale and the reset bundle end Saturday night at 11:55pm EST, so grab your packages quick ;)!

    The End of Season 3
    All in all, I would say this was a decent season of Prison. We had a very rocky start, however things have smoothed over much more now. The amount of changes made between Season 2 and 3 were so immense, it was very hard to prepare for. We created everything over from scratch, to help prepare Prison for a higher quality future with better custom content for all of our players! Here are some neat statistics we kept track of, along with the Leaderboards of Season 3!
    Total Prison Balance: $
    Total Unique Players: 76,902
    Record Concurrent Count: 97
    Buy Shop Transactions: 30,288
    Sell Shop Transactions: 1,490,047

    Furthest Players & Blocks Mined:
    1. Ben4r11 - P4 Mega --- 16950149

    2. dev_ine - P4 Ultra --- 18773910
    3. GoatHerpies - P3 K --- 13259434
    4. Joylina - P3 J --- 1676094
    5. Ajk_Senpai - P2 V --- 8039122
    6. OverCrave - P2 T --- 9286241
    7. HiAmPerson - P2 T --- 8182842
    8. Hoodini98 - P2 R --- 7438238
    9. Hellishwomen - P2 P --- 8478894
    10. joovheon - P2 M --- 7779288
    11. dianizscrub - P2 M --- 6237981
    12. kaleobeo - P2 M --- 6859063


    New Features
    Lots of new features have been introduced for Season 4! Here is a huge list of all of them:
    - Enormous amounts of bug fixing and balancing
    - You can now hold shift and right click your pickaxe to open up the /pick menu super quick and easily
    - Introduction of a new upgrade: Unbreakability! Unfortunately, I cannot remember who suggested this, but I am in love with this new addition. This enchantment allows you to never have to worry about your pickaxe breaking on you again! Possibly not what you are thinking: This upgrade sends warnings when your pickaxe durability is getting low, and when the durability hits 0, it disables you from breaking blocks with it and sends you warnings. No more accidents for you! :)
    - Introducing GANGS! Gangs are my favorite new feature that is coming for Season 4! Any premium ranked player can create a Gang, and invite anyone to it. There are Gang upgrades, rewards for Gangs having more members online, the whole shebang! Here are some features:
    > /gangs help - list all the commands
    > Upgrade your Gang /gangs upgrade - Increase the size, money when selling, and chance of finding tokens. The more online members you have in your gang, the higher amount of money and tokens you can earn and find!
    > Starting out, your Gang can have up to 5 members. You can upgrade it to up to 25
    > Chat with your Gang in a private chat channel!
    > Heres a little peek at the upgrade menu:

    - The Buy Shop contents have been redone from scratch (thanks min!)
    - Sell Shop has been rebalanced
    - XP Shop has been completely rebalanced
    - Global multipliers from crates or the store now give the player that got it bonus money - totaling 2% of all sales from mines during the multiplier
    - Prestige Multipliers - Bonus money earned from selling in mines
    - All crates have been redone
    - All kits have been redone from scratch
    - Removed food kit
    - /kit Pickaxe - Bread & Starter pickaxe
    - Thief Kit: Diamond Armor set (Prot 2, Fire Prot 2, Unb 2), Diamond Sword (Sharp 2, Fire 2, Unb 2)
    - Smuggler Kit: 64 Bread, 64 Cooked Chicken, 64 Salmon, 64 Potato, 32 Golden Apple, 8 Enchanted Golden Apple, 2x 10m Mining Multiplier
    - Convict Kit: Diamond Axe (Sharp 3, Fire 3, Efficiency 3, Unb 3), Diamond Shovel (Efficiency 3, Unb 3), Fishing Rod (Luck 3, Lure 3, Unb 3), 2x 15m Mining Multiplier
    - Fugitive Kit: 3x 15m Mining Multiplier, 8 Enchanted Golden Apple
    - Overlord Kit: Diamond Armor set (Prot 5, Fire Prot 3, Proj Prot 3, Unb 5), Diamond Sword (Sharp 5, Fire 3, Loot 3, Unb 5), 4x 30m Mining Multiplier

    - New location for Mine Information and new way to sell! Now simply click our armor stand friend to sell, no more nasty signs

    Other Changes and Bug Fixes

    For Season 4, I focused very heavily on bug fixes and balancing within the server. It is now easier to start off, repairing is cheaper, and it is a little easier further on in the game but still challenging! I know many people suggest an enchant removal, however I believe with all the changes made, there is no need for one and all upgrades are very balanced out now! Here is a list of those changes:
    - Lowered Repair Prices for Plus, Cross, Donut, Explosive Mining, Lightning, Fortune, and Efficiency
    - Increased Repair Prices slightly for Slicer and Compact Item
    - Decreased overall cost of repairing all pickaxes - helps you in the beginning!
    - Rebalanced TokenBoost occurrence chance - There was an unknown bug until I dug through the code and discovered occurrence chances were half of what they were supposed to be
    - Rebalanced Lightning occurrence chance - Lower levels are more powerful now
    - Lightning now has a maximum of 5 Levels (from 4)
    - Rebalanced Explosive Mining occurrence chance - Greatly increased lower levels
    - Explosive mining now has a maximum of 10 Levels (from 12)
    - Significantly increased the occurrence chance of Laser
    - Laser now has a maximum of 5 Levels (from 6)
    - Plus, Cross, and Donut Mining occurrence chances have increased for all levels
    - Slightly nerfed Slicer and Yield occurrence chance for higher levels and buffed it for lower levels
    - Buffed occurrence chance for lower levels of TreasureChest and KeyFinder
    - Nerfed upgrade prices for Donut, Yield, KeyFinder, TreasureChest, Lightning, and ExplosiveMining
    - Small buff in upgrade prices for first two levels of Laser
    - Significantly lowered the price of TokenBoost
    - Refinements made to Upgrade Pickaxe & XP Shop menus & Renaming pickaxe
    - Set new teleport locations when mine resets for every mine
    - Fixed bugs where you would be facing wrong direction when mines reset
    - Enabled fall damage in PvP Arena
    - Lowered particles of all Mine Bombs & decreased time length of black hole
    - Redesigned Scoreboard
    - Cleaned up a bunch of messages to make more sense and visually better
    - Paused multiplier when switching worlds now is only shown when u have a multiplier enabled
    - Fixed location when teleported to when mine resets
    - Each rank now has +2% chance to find tokens - So Overlord has a +10% Chance to find more tokens now
    - Added symbol to enchantments if they are max level


    Final Notes

    I am very excited for this reset, it has been a while since Prison has received a lot of attention, I am sure you guys will love all the changes we made! I hope all you Prison players are excited for this Season also!
    Hope to see you on release day!

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