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HELLOO - Its been a long time coming...
You already read the title so you know what's being announced :p
Check out the beautiful new Skyblock Season 3 Spawn!
Here is another beautiful picture of the new Custom Enchantment area in the new Spawn:
And one more of a neat picture during a rain storm:

Skyblock Season 3 Inferno and Arctic will reset on Saturday July 20th at 2:00pm EST!
I was hoping to be able to reset Skyblock into 1.14, however we will be releasing it in 1.13.2! It is much more stable, as you can tell by looking at SurvivalOG currently... At this time, I do not believe 1.14 will ever become stable enough to run Skyblock, for a long time.

Skyblock is in great need of a reset. 1.13.2 is a very stable version now! Skyblock has not had a reset for well over a year. It is time for the server to have a nice refresh with a ton of new features added.

Reset Bundle?
Of course! It is available here ( Here are the contents, marked down from $222 to $82!


HI! - I am back with an unexpected update
Due to the recent growth of the server, I have decided to open up a secondary Survival Server. I was not expecting to need to do this, however 1.14 cannot support our current growth!

The 1.14 Survival Server in Season 4, will stay! Don't worry its not going anywhere. It has been renamed to SurvivalOG Season 4. The new server of course is called Survival Oasis, and is in its first season, and running 1.13.2! These are totally separate servers, they may look alike, but they are not to be treated as the same. Ranks will NOT sync from SurvivalOG.


Survival Oasis has already released! you can join it now from hub or through /server survivaloasis



Due to 1.14 lag we all know and love, I have now capped the player count at 40. There now should be a decreased lag due to the player cap, it can handle around 30-40 players with minimal lag. Premium ranked players can still bypass this cap and login even if it is full. I will continue to do daily updates and try to optimize it as much as I can, however currently, there is nothing else I can change to help it more. Note, if you use /server, you must enter through /server survivalOg now.


Again, Oasis is running in 1.13.2! There is absolutely no lag on this server! It can maintain 100+ players online, perfect for the growth space we need. Once again, your ranks will not sync from the 1.14...

Thank you for all the support through voting!
Here are the top 5 voters for June 2019.

LadyMeowGloria - 89 Votes - 1 Insane Key
comeintokyo11 - 88 Votes - 1 Insane Key
Luxfacto - 87 Votes - 3 Legendary Keys
attacker204 - 86 Votes - 2 Legendary Keys
Sesshylvr69 - 79 Votes - 1 Legendary Key

• To claim your rewards, message me on discord with your username and what server you want it on. KingGoldensPanda#7671


Thank you to our entire staff team and the endless efforts you put in to help make the server a better place! I cannot thank you enough for everything you all do. We would like to recognize these two staff this month!

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