Top Voters and Staff of September 2019

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    Thank you for all the support through voting!
    Here is the voting news for September 2019.

    Fortunately our voting system changed, for the better, but the data for the top voters was messed up and not recorded correctly. Thank you to everyone continuing to support us through voting! For the first week or two of October, we will be giving double rewards, so every time you vote, you get a Key and a Vote Point which you can redeem in the Rewards Menu at /warp rewards. We have this issue fixed now, and at the end of October, top voters will continue as before!

    Thanks again for all the support!


    Thank you to our entire staff team and the endless efforts you put in to help make the server a better place! I cannot thank you enough for everything you all do. We would like to recognize these two staff this month!

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