Top Voters and Staff of August 2019

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    Thank you for all the support through voting!
    Here are the top voters for August 2019.

    We had a 7 way tie for the maximum votes! The voting system will change soon with better leaderboard rewards and many new features. Look out for that thread soon.

    Niculescu91 - 93 Votes - 1 Insane Key
    Cooganss - 93 Votes - 1 Insane Key
    Neopolitan183 - 93 Votes - 1 Insane Key
    MattyC24386 - 93 Votes - 1 Insane Key
    Akeigo - 93 Votes - 1 Insane Key
    Sesshylvr69 - 93 Votes - 1 Insane Key
    Kelsx - 93 Votes - 1 Insane Key

    • To claim your rewards, message me on discord with your username and what server you want it on. KingGoldensPanda#0001


    Thank you to our entire staff team and the endless efforts you put in to help make the server a better place! I cannot thank you enough for everything you all do. We would like to recognize these two staff this month!

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