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    Official Royal Legacy Punishment Guide
    Note 1: If player has excessive punishment history and/or multiple of the same punishment, amplify the punishment.
    Note 2: Commas between punishments specifies what to do in the first scenario, and if they proceed - what to do next.
    Note 3: A player can contact you respectfully, if they need to question the punishment.

    Category 1: Chat
    1.Using the N/C Word - 1d Mute
    2.Spam (Repetitive) - Warn, 1d Mute
    3.Excessive/Profane Language - Warn, 1d Mute
    4.Disrespect/Harassment - Discussion+Warn, 1d Mute
    5.Joking/Discussing Hacks - Warn, 1d Mute
    6.Name Advertisement - ClearChat+Warn, 7d Mute
    7.IP Advertisement - ClearChat+14d Mute, Perm Ban
    8.No Intention of Playing (0m-1h Playtime) - Perm Ban
    9.No Intention of Playing (1h+) - 1d Ban
    10.Impersonation - 1d Ban
    11.False Reports (reporting for fun/jokes) - Revoke Reporting ability
    12.Controversial Chat - Verbal Warn, 1d Mute

    Category 2: Gameplay
    1.Scam - 7d Ban
    2.Exploit - Varies depending on severity
    3.Hack Clients - 7d Ban
    4.Alt Abuse - 7d Ban
    5.Inappropriate Build - 2d Ban
    6.Grief/Raid - 2d-5d Ban (severity)
    7.AFK Bypass (Pools/Auto Click/Jumping/etc) - spawn+watch/message --> 2d Ban+Destroy Pools
    8.Excessive AFK (4+hrs a day) - Kick, kick+warn, 2d Ban
    9.PVP Logging - Warn, 2d Ban
    10.Prison: Boosting - Warn, 2d Ban
    11.Prison: Mining in Previous Mines - Warn, 2d Ban
    12.Survival: Inappropriate Claim Names - Warn, 2d Ban
    13.Inappropriate AH Items/AH Scamming - 2d Ban
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