Royal Legacy



Hi everyone, In celebration of the best year the server has ever had, I'm giving away ONE pure white pickaxe. This pickaxe is extremely exclusive and only available around Christmas time each year.
You can choose to have it on Skyblock or Survival.
If you like Prison the most over Skyblock or Survival, you may choose to have a 12 hour 5x mining multiplier on prison instead.
The winner will be chosen at random within 30 hours!

Pure White Pickaxe:
Fortune X
Efficiency X
Unbreaking X
(normally L but this one is X)

To enter, answer the following format under "CODE" in a comment that you post below. Include the questions in your comment.. Good luck.
Rules: You can only submit one comment. You must use the format below to be qualified to enter.


Which server you want it on: 

What my favorite thing on the server is: 

Hello everyone!!

The Christmas sale is now live! Up to 80% Off Everything!!!

There are also Exclusive Limited Bundles available on the store in Celebration of the holidays!!
Take advantage of these amazing deals before they expire.
Click here to go to the Server Store!

We will be releasing updates around the server throughout the break, so keep an eye out on discord for updates!!
Click here to join our Discord Server!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!
See you in game.

Have Server Suggestions? Post them on forums! We love to check out your ideas and implement them into the server as updates!
Quick announcement of thanks to everyone who has been voting!

Here are the top 3 voters of November. For December, we will choose the top 5 voters!

The top rewards for November:
1st: 1 Insane Key
2nd: 2 Legendary Keys
3rd: 1 Legendary Key

December will have even greater bonus rewards.

Top Voters:
1st: TheDesigner - 60 Votes
2nd: BobTheBuilder33 - 59 Votes
3rd: SparklingTrash - 58 Votes

To claim your rewards, message me on discord with your username. KingGoldensPanda#7671