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The latest news is from bending, we have done some great improvements and I'm glad to finally announce them!

Custom Enhancements:
- These have been in the making for about a month now, and are finally fully available to everyone! Custom Enhancements have a total of 15 different, unique items you may upgrade. I will list them below:
1. Auto Smelt - Automatically smelt ores to ingots, sand to glass, and nether rack to nether brick.
2. Jackhammer - Mine multiple blocks at one time.

3. Plant Breeder - When tilling the ground, you may see some seeds appear from a verity of plants!
4. Messenger - Increases your movement speed when you wear any boots.
5. Arrow Formation - Ability to shoot multiple arrows at once!
6. Piercing - Chance to bypass another players armor when in PVP.
7. Life Steal - Chance to copy the amount of damage done to a player, and turn it into health for yourself.
8. Frostbite - When in pvp, ice can magically appear around an enemy and freeze them for a few seconds!
9. Voltage - Sometimes, you become Thor and strike opponents with lightning in PVP.
10. Wolf Tamer - When hitting an opponent with any weapon, wolves may appear and assist you in your battle!
11. After Effects - Chance to explode upon death and deal ample damage to surrounding enemies.
12. Savage - Mining fatigue and Levitation...

Hello, and welcome to Royal Legacy's NEW forums!

We have done major improvements, such as a brand new Logo and forums Theme. We also reset the forums for a nice new fresh start! Thank you for all your guys's support, we wouldn't of been able to complete this update without it!

Happy bending!
GUIDE Voting
Hi everyone! Voting gives you Free Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rewards at /warp rewards! Here are the links below, or type /vote in game!
Happy voting!

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Thanks for your support!