Royal Legacy


The major part of the update, Factions:

  • Realistic Dimension
  • Water Nation Planet
  • Deserted Dimension
Removed from server: (Less Lag!)
  • Unused Cooldown Plugin
  • Titles upon login Plugin
  • Title API Plugin
  • Unused Renaming item plugin
  • Removed Normal Pets :( (Doesn’t work anymore)
  • Removed unused Frame Map Plugin
  • Removed unused Particles for Blocks
  • Removed Useless Hologram API
  • Removed FrameProtect (Not needed sense 1.8…)
  • Removed Faction Top Command :( (Doesn’t work anymore)
  • Ranks can no longer mine spawners without silk touch :( (Doesn’t work anymore)
  • Removed Combat Logging
  • Duel Border
Updated the following:
  • /Trails for 1.11
  • Holograms to...
Hello everyone! A few of you have already taken advantage of it, but our Black Friday bundles have been released! They will be unavailable on exactly 11:59pm, so you must act quickly!!

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Black Friday Category:

Thanks for everyone's support as always!!

- KingGoldensPanda
Hi everyone! There are many changes going on around the server right now, so I will get right into it.
First off, there is a 35% Thanks Giving Sale that will end Thanks Giving day! Take advantage of this sale there won't be another sale until Christmas! (Except Black Friday hehehe)

New Staff members! slop_me and noobb1994
Congratulate them when u see them around the server!

  • Massive new upcoming staff plugin to help us catch hackers and abusers even faster!!
  • This will also add /report to report anyone not following server rules. Any staff online the entire network will receive the notification, and then can come straight to you and help.
  • Global Messaging system is in the works, so you can message people that are not even online the same gamemode / server your on!
  • SERVER RESET! Now supports 1.11
  • Brand New Spawn
  • Minor plugins updated for stability
  • In the upcoming days, we will add support for 1.10 and 1.9 players to login, for now you must use 1.11.
  • End expansion within a few...