Royal Legacy


Hi All!!

Don't forget the top voters of each month receive bonus rewards! Check out the last thread - Top Monthly Voting Rewards!!!
This will continue on and on so keep voting and try to become the top! /votetop

Anyways.. EVENT! Saturday June 16th at 1:00pm EST!
It will be aMAZEing!! This will take place on survival. Everyone online wins if you finish, the first few who finish will get bonus legendary keys or other exclusive prizes!
Make sure you partake in this. The next event will not be until July 1st :)


Recent Changes: [Comment suggestions on forums!! multiple updates in here were suggestions! We love incorporating what you guys think of! :)]

  • Ranks are now represented by Stars in the TabList! More clean look.
  • Fixed some of the ranks in the prison hierarchy simply displaying as white in tab. All prison ranks will only be displayed as their rank hierarchy rank, sadly because there is no current work around for it.
  • Fixed a few activity checker errors
  • Sorting activity alphabetically now
  • Spawns now have frozen physics
  • Updated /rules
  • Fixed abandon baskets on the web store displaying in white in game.
  • Updated the color of the web store header
  • You can now pay magic dust!!! /ench pay {player} {amount}
  • We are now logging purchases and items sold from the shops...! Helps with balances and possible confusion in the future.
  • Added higher efficiency to Redstone
  • New...
Hello everyone!

This is just a quick announcement, everyone still has a chance to win!

A while back we implemented /votetop! Check it to see who the top voters are on each server. You can currently get 3 votes per day, the fourth link does not count, it is just extra for those who would like to support us even more.

We will be giving extra bonus prizes out to the top voters on the network! You will be able to choose where you receive your prizes. The voters will be announced on here on the first day of each month starting in July with the June winners!

#1 Votes: 5 Legendary Keys / 4 Majestical Keys
#2 Votes: 3 Legendary Keys / 3 Majestical Keys
#3 Votes: 2 Legendary Keys / 2 Majestical Keys
#4 Votes: 1 Legendary Key / 1 Majestical Key
#5 Votes: 2 Epic Keys / 2 Sparkling Keys

Thanks for the support and good luck with voting!


BENDING will release at 1:00pm EST on Saturday June 9th.... But keep reading for important information.

This is personally my favorite game mode. It is so fun to play with, battle others, and simple wander around in the world.
The world is CUSTOM! It is beautiful. An entire new landscape to explore.

A BEAUTIFUL spawn! Created exclusively for bending.

The server features factions, however it revolves around bending. Regular factions becomes very boring, whereas bending contains endless possibilities through learning the elements. There will be an amazing PvP Arena build designed for an enhanced bending experience. There are 5 elements... Water, Earth, Fire, Air, and Chi. Choose wisely, you can only choose once unless you purchase packages on the web store. Exclusive abilities will also be available on the web store.

Alike to survival, we have included Custom Enchantments, the same shop system, crates, daily rewards, quests, and many other key features you enjoy. Continuity is key to success between a Network, and with such great custom features, I enjoy packing each server with everything we are able to.
Ranks will be transferred from the old factions server between the 9th and the 10th. IF YOU CHANGED YOUR USERNAME: refresh our database by typing it into the server store ( to avoid issues.

There are many updates coming to the network along side bending. I would like to add more unique quests, they take alot to make however. We are still working on them! More custom enchantments are about to release!!! Just debugging. They will likely release this weekend along side the Bending Server. Don't worry, Prison will receive a fun update very soon also... I don't want to spoil it quite yet however. Keep suggesting things on forums! We love reading ideas and adding new...